Shaykh Hassan Rabbani

Glasgow, Scotland

Shaykh Hassan Rabbani is a young Scottish scholar who was born and raised in Glasgow and began his Islamic studies by completing the Darse Niẓami programme at Jamia Al-Karam  in Nottinghamshire.

Subsequently he travelled to the prestigious Al-Azhar University (Cairo, Egypt) where he specialised in Theology and Ḥadith nomenclature, sitting in the company of great scholars of the Al Azhar. After graduating in 2010, he obtained an M.A from the University of Aberdeen completing his thesis on ‘Temporary marriage in Islam: A Sunni and Shi’i perspective.’ He is also a graduate of the Cambridge Muslim College.

As well as teaching iSyllabus, the Shaykh is currently the Imam at a vibrant Mosque in the centre of Glasgow, pursuing an M.A in philosophy at the University of Glasgow. and is founder of the Zainab Cobbold Institute, an initiative aimed at educating young Muslims in and around Glasgow.