Course materials

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Course materials

The material used in the modules is created specifically for use in an integrated course setup. Extracted from the most well respected works of Islamic scholarship, with extensive original texts translated direct from the sources, it affords students a glimpse into the vast ocean of Islamic religious and devotional literature.

  • Each lesson has its own set of notes.
  • To aid comprehension, each class has clearly defined aims and objectives to enable students to track their own progress.
  • All material is fully referenced and checked to represent the most widely accepted understanding of Sunni Islam, as taught in the most enduring seminaries in the Muslim world. All to ensure you know where the knowledge comes from.
  •  Using the latest thinking on presentation material, clean, well-produced computer presentations are used to summarise the material covered in the lesson notes

The notes are also designed as classical ‘readers’ or study texts in their respective subject areas, serving as  stand-alone resources at students’ fingertips as a lifelong reference.


Central to the teaching ethos of the iSyllabus is that all instructors, whether they be the main teachers or visiting lecturers, faithfully convey mainstream Sunni Islamic teachings, as represented in the main teaching centres of the Muslim world. Through this, students can be safe in the knowledge that what is taught is reliable and consistently upheld throughout the teaching staff. Central to ensuring this is the system of the teaching ‘ijaza’. 

The systemof Ijaza is a scholarly chain of transmission for each subject, which links each generation of scholars back to the previous ones, all the way back to the source of all guidance, the blessed Prophet  , thus ensuring that the next generation have taken directly from recognised scholars, rather that gleaning pieces of information from books alone.


Our courses are taught in neutral, modern facilities with the latest audio-visual facilities so as to maximise the learning experience of students. Working closely with local community partner organisations, the course also aims to provide foster inclusivity into its learning environment.