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Glasgow iSyllabus Summer Intensive Arabic Program 2018 Enrol Now parttime Glasgow
Date: 02 Jul 2018 to 13 Aug 2018

About the course

Structure of the Course and Lessons The course will begin with basic nominal sentences and end with the verb forms. Each lesson will include the point of grammar to be learned along with lots of example sentences. Students will complete the exercises in class under the supervision of the instructor and the homework will consist of learning a set amount of vocab each week. Formative assessment will take place every lesson, while summative assessment will take place (in the form of a mini-test) every week or two weeks as appropriate. There will also be a final exam in Week 7. Course Textbook Although the course is mostly concerned with beginning to develop an understanding of religious texts, the proposed textbook for the course would be Haywood and Nahmad's "New Arabic Grammar" ( This textbook would be supplemented with examples from Qur'an and hadith during the class. Further queries please email at Facebook Event Page:


Ustaadh Hamza Ahmed


Every Monday, Wednesday & Saturday from Monday 2 July to Monday 13 August 2018. Monday & Wednesday: 7pm - 8.30pm Saturday: 1pm - 2.30pm



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