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The iSyllabus is a ground-breaking Islamic studies programme helping students live their faith through developing the themes of worship, belief and self-reflection, whilst simultaneously developing a understanding of the sacred sources of Islamic learning.

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Our flagship iSyllabus introductory course in the Islamic sciences consists of 15 modules covered over one academic year. This is an expertly crafted course aimed at accelerating the comprehension of all the subjects covered.

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“Mind blowing, brilliant experience. Don't want to stop. You come to class tired after dealing with the whole day, children, household duties but once sitting in class completely uplifts you. You can feel the barakah of learning sacred knowledge”

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iRetreat - Whispering the name of the beloved of God

A rare chance to spend time with iSyllabus teachers Shaykh Amer and Shaykh Ruzwan in the beautiful surroundings of the Scottish countryside.

Upcoming Courses

Death, Bereavement and Burial Rites

Sunday 11th of May 2014

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